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Henderson Professional Fire Fighters

The Henderson Professional Fire Fighters serve over 335,000 residents and operate from 12 stations comprised of 284 full-time employees. They are nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS), Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI), ISO Class One, and they are a full-service fire and rescue department.

The Henderson Professional Fire Fighters take great pride in their premier level of service in the community and are proud to have exceptional rates of service. In fact, 96% of those they have served rated them as Outstanding or Excellent. By providing a hazard response system that includes fire response, advanced life support, emergency medical treatment and transportation, the City of Henderson Fire Department has maintained the City of Henderson’s lowest cost per capita in the region.

Training for the Henderson Professional Fire Fighters is extensive and has led them to achieve a cardiac survivability rate that is three times the national average. Each crew member is assigned specific responsibilities and receives the highest level of training. Additionally, the Henderson Fire Department charges an average of 5% less than private companies to transport, returning over $4.5 million to the City of Henderson, rather than to out-of-state corporations. Every resident receives consistent quality of care.

The Henderson Professional Fire Fighters have a cost effective staffing model, of 48-hour shifts and 56-hour work weeks, which provides the lowest cost operation. The Henderson Professional Fire Fighters work with the City to ensure that there are additional personnel in each rank to address fire fighter safety and to contain overtime costs. They work regularly with the City of Henderson to ensure that the use of sick leave is strictly defined and enforced. When necessary, changes are made and they are always looking for best practices to ensure that there is no abuse, and that citizens are receiving the best return for their investment.

As the residents of Henderson already know, the recession has really hit our economy. What they may not know, however, is that it has also affected the Henderson Professional Fire Fighters. When this recession began, the Henderson Professional Fire Fighters voluntarily opened up their contracts and took a pay cut, deferring raises until the economy improved. As the recession worsened, the Henderson Professional Fire Fighters gave their raises back and reduced the cost of their medical benefits at the end of their contract. These sacrifices resulted in upwards of $3 million in savings for the City of Henderson.

Their service does not end at the end of a shift. Community service remains a key component of the Henderson Professional Fire Fighters, and they continue to fundraise and donate directly to nonprofit organizations throughout the valley. They have raised $523,985 since 2007 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association with their “Fill the Boot” Campaign. In addition, they have donated their time and thousands of dollars to the American Red Cross, Safe Kids Clark County, Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, Public Education Foundation, Henderson Boys and Girls Club, Safe Nest and the Southern Nevada Burn Foundation. The Henderson Professional Fire Fighters remain committed to their communities, not only with their level of service, but with their numerous community outreach efforts.